Monday, August 10, 2009


Hey who doesn't like Luke?

We went with a few friends after White Linen. It seemed like a better idea than eating the over priced street food.

The nice thing about Luke is you can do it for pretty cheap if you want. Kerry wasn't all that hungry so she got some soup and some fries.

I was kinda hungry so I got a Cochon de Lait sandwich. Seriously though check out these fries. They are like the second best fries in the city after Delachaise.

Either way we both got out for under $15 bucks which isn't bad considering its a John Besh restaurant
Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Walkers BBQ

I went to Walker's BBQ the other day. Walker's is in the EAST. Now, I know all you namby pamby Uptowners are thinking..."The the...East? My word!"

Look I spend very little (no) time in the East. But if I know anything about anything, things from the East are authentic. One example is all of Eastern Europe. Another is Snoop Doggy Dogg the Dogg Father from the East Side of Long Beach... or LA... I'm not really sure.

Either way Walker's BBQ kicks ass. Its good as Hell. So good it makes me use profanity for the first time on the blog. I got the Three Rib Plate with potato salad and baked beans. I think they gave me an extra rib too because they could tell I was a cool guy. It was enough for lunch the next day.

It was good and smokey and BBQ and I'm going to go back again one day. One day soon. You go too. I'll see you there.
Monday, August 3, 2009


Coquette is so good it doesn't even have a website.

Coquette doesn't have enough time for websites. They spend all their time making incredible food. I'm not kidding around. It's my favorite restaurant. Not my favorite new restaurant or my favorite restaurant in New Orleans. Its my favorite restaurant period. (This isn't a new realization to me its just that the other times we have eaten there I have been too busy enjoying my food to take pictures of it.)

On top of that they have no corkage fee AND I have a stock pile of $25 Coquette gift certificates I bought for $2 on restaurant dot com.

So after a Happy Hour Drink at Le Cote we snuck into the business center there in the hotel to print off one of these 23 dollar bills. Then off to Breux Mart to grab a bottle of Pepperwood Grove Pinot Noir. It was a red wine?

Like I said getting it from the bottle into two of Coquette's wine glasses cost us $0. And here is what it looked like.

So as is often the case we started with some soup. This soup was the corn kind with crab on top. It was also the hot kind which I prefer to the cold kind. It was a good way to start. It got something in our stomachs but it wasn't too heavy and we really didn't want to be too full before what were two incredible main courses.

I had the short rib. It came on some fingerling potatoes. The thing about potatoes is they are really hard to screw up. But this was the first time in my life that I enjoyed a potato to much I would have been happy with just a plate of them.

The good news is the short rib was on there too and it was one of the most satisfying pieces of beef I have ever had. Just look at how good it looks.

Kerry had the veal. It came in a neat little pile. If i remember right they came with grits. It was really good as well. I'm not a huge veal fan but it was fantastic.

Look and here is dessert! Blueberries and cream. Nice and refreshing after a great meal. We were almost tempted to get the chocolate cream beignts but I think we made the right choice.

I know I'm never very descriptive of the actual food. I'm trying to get better but it seems to be a slow process. Either way don't let Coquette the the victim of my poor descriptive abilities. It is a fantastic restaurant with a good menu a helpful staff and a pretty good venue. Eat there. Eat there everyday.