Monday, October 26, 2009

Cochon Butcher, Twitter and $25

'Hot Roast Beef Monday', bacon friends! We serve it with White Gravy + Provolone on a French Roll. And we got an Egg Salad on White.

But this post isn't just about a good sandwich. It's about a pound of Kurabuta Bacon too. On the way out after contemplating it for the forth time, I finally took the plunge and forked over the $12 for a pound of what I am sure is going to be delicious bacon.

So that's how one twitter post turned into $25 for Cochon Butcher. They really are one of the few establishments around that I think really use Twitter the right way. Not too much, not too little... they are the baby bear of Twittering restaurants. And I have to imagine it pays off for them.

There are plenty of NOLA restaurants I follow but don't read because they bombard me with 20 posts a day. Cochon does it right so when they post I read it- and often it leads to them making a few extra bucks and me drinking a Mexican Coke.
Saturday, October 24, 2009

Magazine Street Blues Festival

So no more of those catch up posts. This post is going up before the Magazine Street Blues Fest is even over.

Obviously we have a festival or two here every weekend but this really was a good one. If you happen to be reading this right after it is posted (I know you stay glued to your laptops waiting for the nest EIN post) then go catch the last few hours.

On to the important part though. First Butter Chicken from from Nirvana. This was go good I went right home and looked for Butter Chicken recipies to make tomorrow.

And some fresh cut fries from Boucherie. Topped with some spicy vinegar... these were pretty incredible too. I was too full to try it, but I got a look at the 12 hour beef brisket po-boy... it looked so good I can't even talk about it.

Hey and Soul Rebels were there. I love Soul Rebels.


So Taqueros on St. Charles opened back up last month. And we went the first day they were open. Now I've only been her for a year and a half so I don't know the while history of the place... but these people do so check it out for the story.

Long story short they are open again and focusing on small plates. You sit down and grab a sushi-like menu to fill out and take to the bar. Then you pick up your food at the counter. I like that. I mostly like it because it means I don't have to tip (wait... I don't have to tip right?).

So it looks like we has something with corn. I'm 100% sure this wasn't just called "corn" on the menu but I 100% can;t remember. It was good though and sweet and it went well with the fried corn tortillas it came with.

Now when you hear about a menu you fill out and no tipping you might think its not a fancy place. Wrong. Check it out these gambas have heads.

Hey look here are some tacos. Know what they are filled with? Yeah, me neither... it was awhile back. I'll tell you one thing though if they aren't filled with some sort of pork I made a mistake. because pork is delicious.

It was a good meal and reasonably priced. It was so good I tried to go for lunch the next day. And they weren't open. So that was a disappointment but give it a try sometime after 6pm.
Friday, October 23, 2009

Yo Mama's Bar and Grill

New Orleans had some great burger joints. Rather than get into the whole "Best Burger in New Orleans" debate, where Port of Call and Bulldog supporters often come to blows, let me just say this- Yo Mama's was the most surprised I had ever been about how good a burger was.

A few weeks back, after rushing out to the Guerrilla Radio show at HOB and missing dinner, some friends directed us to Yo Mama's. Needless to say we were fairly ravenous bu the time we left the show and slipped into Yo Mama's. We sat down ordered a few more cold ones and put in our orders. And then the order came.

And it was so good.

When I ordered my Roquefort Blue Cheese burger at 1am I really was expecting something St. Charles Tavern-esque to come out. And I would have been fine with that. I would have been excited with that actually. But no. This burger was juicy and medium rare and the Roquefort was creamy and blue cheesy. Seriously look at it. It was go good that my camera couldn't even take a clear picture of it.

And look I got a salad instead of baked potato. Hilarious! Why would I do that?

Long story short. Get there. If you're downtown its close by. If you're uptown its worth the trip. If you're in Metairie... wait why are you in Metairie?

The Rum House

So again, this is from a while back. We stopped by the Rum House down on Magazine a few days after they opened.

The Rum House seems like a pretty good idea. I always tend to think of Caribbean themed anything as a little hokey but I'm not really above hokey things - so why not you know? The food was pretty good. We both got a trio of tacos and them came out looking like this on a little three taco stand.

Like I said It was a while back but it looks like I went with a fish taco, their rib taco and the calypso beef taco (Island marinated steak with guacamole and a drizzle of cilantro lime sour cream). The fish taco was pretty good but I'm not really that into fish tacos. The rib taco was pretty great though. Like really great. Besides the fact that I feel like an idiot eating something called calypso beef, that one was pretty good too.

All and all they where some pretty high quality tacos. Only real complaint about Rum House? The tacos are pretty tiny, almost like they are made for some sort of superbly palated child. It would have cost me about $20 to leave the place full. Pretty hefty when you consider the $2.50 price tag on the tacos.

It was good though and worth trying out. Especially if you're some sort of dwarf or pixie.

Willie Mae' Scotch House

So it took a while for us to get to Willie Mae's. A big part of the reason was it never quite seemed to be open when we went. We finally went a few months ago though (that's right, there is a huge back log) and I think I learned a little bit about myself.

As you probably know Willie Mae's is touted at the best fried chicken in America (or the World? Probably the World I guess). Now I have friends that swear by Coop's down on Decatur but I've never been there so we are just going to pretend like it doesn't exist. So the purposes of this post Willie Mae's has the best fried chicken going.

Look, I know people love fried chicken but after eating at Willie Mae's I can confidently say I'm just not a fried chicken guy. For 25 years I have just been assuming that there was better chicken out there and as soon as I had it I would know. Turns out I'd rather just have a cheese burger.

Either way if you are into fried chicken then Willie Mae's is the spot. Its crispy, its moist, and its New Orleans. And the red beans and rice was pretty fantastic.