Monday, October 26, 2009

Cochon Butcher, Twitter and $25

'Hot Roast Beef Monday', bacon friends! We serve it with White Gravy + Provolone on a French Roll. And we got an Egg Salad on White.

But this post isn't just about a good sandwich. It's about a pound of Kurabuta Bacon too. On the way out after contemplating it for the forth time, I finally took the plunge and forked over the $12 for a pound of what I am sure is going to be delicious bacon.

So that's how one twitter post turned into $25 for Cochon Butcher. They really are one of the few establishments around that I think really use Twitter the right way. Not too much, not too little... they are the baby bear of Twittering restaurants. And I have to imagine it pays off for them.

There are plenty of NOLA restaurants I follow but don't read because they bombard me with 20 posts a day. Cochon does it right so when they post I read it- and often it leads to them making a few extra bucks and me drinking a Mexican Coke.


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