Friday, May 29, 2009

Wednesday at the Square

So we hit up Wednesday at the Square on... well Wednesday. It was pretty good there. We ran into a bunch of people we know and got a free beer from one of our friends manning the beer table.

Oh and we ate some food! Kerry had some fish tacos. I think it was a set of 3 for $6. I'm not sure where they were from actually (but I was just informed they were from Zoe at the W) but here is what they looked like in 2d.

I had some Ginger Boiled Shrimp in Sweet Soy Sauce from Saltwater Grill and a Smoked Sausage from Pull My Pork (website? No.). Both were kind unimpressive. As you can see below the shrimp were on some shredded lettuce for some reason. The sausage had cold slaw on it which I liked the idea of but it was too spicy and I'm not normally a wimp when it comes to spice.

In general the food seemed over priced. When i mentioned this to a friend there I was reminded its all for charity. So I guess that makes it ok. Regardless I'm pretty sure we'll be back next week for Trombone Shorty.


So I took my second trip to Hana the other day. Not a bad place to grab some lunch on a week day. They have 3 or 4 lunch specials under $7 and a bunch under $10.

I had the Tempura Chicken special. A pretty good deal for $6.50. I also could have gotten Tempura Shrimp or Teriyaki Chicken for the same price. All of them come with soup, salad, rice, some fruit, and a little bit of cold sesame noodles.

It's on Hampson so its not a bad option if you live over in the river bend area. Its near Kerry's new place so I have a feeling it could become a common destination. Plus there is a swordfish on the wall. Or maybe a sailfish. Or maybe a marlin. Its this guy.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Don't Go To Refuel

Seriously? Coffee & Nosh? Whatever.

We are sitting in Refuel Cafe on Hampson right now. Don't come. Below you are looking at $9 in food. No joke.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Some Things We Grow

So we do a little growing of plants. More specifically, cilantro, cayenne peppers, bell peppers, and beefsteak tomatoes (back 4 counter clockwise) and grape tomatoes and sweet basil (you can figure that one out for yourself I bet).

The back four we grew from seeds. Turns out my father works for Buzzy Seeds so I got a free Salsa Windowsill Garden awhile back. Recently we replanted them to give them a little more room to grow.

The front ones were bought from Lowes (Dark green tomato plant) and the Crecent City Farmer's Market (basil and tall tomato plant). So I know what you are thinking... "What tomatoes?"

Well we did get one grape tomato a while back. It was around my birthday and we ate it with some mozzarella and basil olive oil that we made from the basil you see above. So we are pretty much self sustaining farmers.

So that it fans. We grow some things. Hopefully they really start producing soon. OH! And go buy some things from Buzzy Seeds. As long as they keep selling seeds I might get to stay in school!
Monday, May 18, 2009

Eating at NOLA... And then eating leftovers.

So I'm going to do a real post tonight but I've been feeling guilty and posting so infrequently...

After graduation I went with Kerry's family to NOLA down in the quarter for lunch. Rather than be the weird guy taking pictures in the restaurant I waited until I was eating left overs at 2 am Saturday night. Here you can see the fried chicken and the potato salad. There were also green onion hush puppies but I ate those up pretty quick.

Maybe the best fried chicken I've ever had. Stay tuned for a post tonight about the thing we are growing and as soon as we have money we will give you some more restaurant posts I promise.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Freret Street Market

What better place to spend a birthday than Freret Street Market? We went on Saturday. Normally it happens the first Sat of each month at the corner or Freret and Napoleon but they switched it up this month.

As big a fan as I am of the Crecent City Market the Freret Market is the supeior market when it comes to food. Just look below at the fish tacos we picked up.

Not a terrible deal at $3.50 each. I'm not sure what kind of fish it was but there was a lot of it and they were tasty. And then for dessert an all natural watermelon lemonade sno-ball. This I was a little disappointed with... Maybe I prefer my sno-balls Plum Street style and not so "all natural.". Either way I was looking for more sugar, more lemon and less watermelon seed pieces.

And we also picked up some corn that we had for dinner with... You guessed it - bacon wrapped potatoes. The corn was sweet and good just the right amount of all natural.

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Birthday Food

Someone had a birthday a few days ago and someone else threw me a party.

So I'm 25 now. I'm not sure it's quite time to start worrying about eating too healthy, but maybe it's time to consider it a little. That's probably why Kerry decided on bacon-wrapped potatoes AND tomato and mozzarella skewers.

These little suckers were good. It was like a deconstructed Caprese Salad (is Caprese Salad already a deconstructed dish?). Three grape tomatoes and a chunk of mozzarella on a stick, drizzled with some homemade, home grown basil olive oil. Everyone loved them and I ate a bunch, but not so many that I didn't have room for the main attraction...

In general people don't eat enough bacon-wrapped things on their birthdays. These went fast. Small red potatoes quartered, boiled for a few min, tossed with some fresh rosemary, salt n peppa, and olive oil, then wrapped in a half slice of bacon and cooked at 400 degrees for about 40-45 min.

Oh, don't worry - the bacon grease they sucked up was countered by the sour cream and Tabasco dip we had for them. These were so good we made then again the next night for a meal.

There were some banana nut cup cakes to top the night off as well, but somehow we forgot to get a picture of them... it's a shame because they were delicious and looked pretty good too.

So - turn 25 if you haven't yet, get some bacon, and a girl that will throw you a party and life will be pretty good.
Saturday, May 9, 2009

Milk Bar

So in celebration of finishing our first year of our MBA we went right from our Process Modeling final to Milk Bar over on Prytania near Delachaise. It was our first time there and it was good. Its run by a few Australians who know how to make a Thai Chilli Chicken Po-Boy.

That's what we had and you can see the description above and the Po-Boy below. It was bug and was enough for about a meal and a half. It was an interesting combination but it really was as good as it looked.

AND they give you Chupa Chup with your sandwich... thats just classy.

And afterward we drove down to Creole Creamery and got some good stuff. Kerry got Cotton Candy Ice Cream because she said it reminded her of summer.

I got Bananas Foster. I know its a weird picture below but I noticed when I was uploading it it had a pretty good shot of the water meter.

So we are done with our first year, and this is around the 5 month aniversery of this blog. And it's someone's birthday today... stay tuned for the post about what we ate at my party last night.
Wednesday, May 6, 2009

First Cup

So this post is a little late. We have been coming to First Cup for about a month now. It's great here and the people are friendly. I'm sure the coffee is good too but we normally got for tea and bottled drinks or Italian sodas.

First Cup (this is the time when I normally lambaste a place for not having a website but I'm here all the time and I'm not trying to make anyone mad. And really its a community place... If they got a website we might not have a table to study at.) is on Calhoun Street just north of the Tulane Baseball Stadium across from Bud's Broiler.

They have a lot of good drinks and some good snacks plus a whole section of chocolates and other specialty items. Plus its the only place near by that I know that sells bottles of ginger beer for all you Dark and Stormy drinkers.

I could go on about the place but just come by and try it out... Then never come back. Its our spot and we don't need a crowd. Today we are studying for our last final (Process Modeling...awesome) and drinking a Strawberry Lime Jones Soda and a Raspberry Italian Soda.

... Oh and as an added bonus for all of you eating in places other than NOLA here is something for everyone. Subway sells pizzas now. I know what you are thinking but they are pretty good and cheap and since its Subway you can top them with all the fresh toppings you want.

And then by some miracle of science they cook the thing in 90 seconds and it comes out crispy gooey and delicious. Not a bad deal for $5. Be a snob if you want but on that next long drive you have you're going to try it out. When you do just shoot me an email and tell me I was right.

Monday, May 4, 2009


I had a friend drive through on her way back to Mobile from Louis Armstrong. She wanted brunch so we took her to Elizabeth's on Gallier over in the Marigny. We had to drive further than expected but I'd say it was worth it.

We got there at 11 on Sunday so they sent us to an upstairs bar to wait. Other was pretty lively and we had a Mimosa.

We sat and had we all split a plate of the praline bacon. Here was my piece. The bacon alone was worth the drive.

Kerry had the Red Neck Eggs. Fried Green Tomatoes and poached eggs with grits. It looked pretty good. I'm not a big poached eggs guy but she seemed to like it.

I had the Carolina Shrimp and Grits. They were pretty good too and came with a big biscuit. And I just remembered that I have the left overs in my fridge so I'm going to go eat them. Good reasonably priced brunch stop though.

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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Delachaise and Cure

So here we are again with low quality pictures. I don't know what to tell you guys... I'm telling you I really wish they were better because this past week we have had some pretty high quality drinks and they deserve better than an iPhone without a flash.

We went to Delachaise Wednesday to celebrate our internship offers.

It has been a while since we had ventured out to Delachaise after Wednesday night class but it was as good as always. We got a couple drinks and the Pomme Frites to start. Kerry got a Kir Royal and I got a Dark and Stormy. No picture of the Pomme Frites but they are amazing and you should take the trip down St. Charles (at Louisiana) to get them. They come with two dipping sauces - Satay and Red Pepper Atoli.

We did get a picture of the Blueberry Cognac Creme Brulee though. It was ok but I didn't think it was anything special.

We went out Friday to celebrate a finishing a week that included three papers and three presentations. We actually started at Delachaise again to double up on the pomme frites and get a couple of the grilled cheeses they have. Again no picture but the grilled cheese is incredible. Its one of my favorite things to eat anywhere.

The picture above is actually from Cure though. We had been wanted to try out Cure for a while now ever since we caught this article about it. If you are too lazy to read the link the gist of it is that its a new bar at Freret and Upperline that values showcasing their liquors rather than masking them with sugary juices.

I know its blurry but here is a picture of the bartender mixing our Hemingway Daiquiris. At one point an eye dropper was employed, it was pretty intense. Also it looked like they have some pretty good food and Cure too though we didn't partake in any. We did hear that Cure and Delachaise share the same owner so the food should be comparable.

So moral of the post? Good food and drinks and Cure and Delachaise. Go.