Wednesday, May 6, 2009

First Cup

So this post is a little late. We have been coming to First Cup for about a month now. It's great here and the people are friendly. I'm sure the coffee is good too but we normally got for tea and bottled drinks or Italian sodas.

First Cup (this is the time when I normally lambaste a place for not having a website but I'm here all the time and I'm not trying to make anyone mad. And really its a community place... If they got a website we might not have a table to study at.) is on Calhoun Street just north of the Tulane Baseball Stadium across from Bud's Broiler.

They have a lot of good drinks and some good snacks plus a whole section of chocolates and other specialty items. Plus its the only place near by that I know that sells bottles of ginger beer for all you Dark and Stormy drinkers.

I could go on about the place but just come by and try it out... Then never come back. Its our spot and we don't need a crowd. Today we are studying for our last final (Process Modeling...awesome) and drinking a Strawberry Lime Jones Soda and a Raspberry Italian Soda.

... Oh and as an added bonus for all of you eating in places other than NOLA here is something for everyone. Subway sells pizzas now. I know what you are thinking but they are pretty good and cheap and since its Subway you can top them with all the fresh toppings you want.

And then by some miracle of science they cook the thing in 90 seconds and it comes out crispy gooey and delicious. Not a bad deal for $5. Be a snob if you want but on that next long drive you have you're going to try it out. When you do just shoot me an email and tell me I was right.


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