Saturday, January 31, 2009

Dinner, Dessert, and 2 Types of Wine... My kind of Friday Night

Kerry made dinner. It was awesome. I got to help out too.

First we sautéed up some chicken tenderloins. Along with the chicken we threw in some garlic and onions.

While that was cooking we cooked up some tri-colored (red, orange, yellow) bell peppers and made some angel hair pasta.

After mixing some sauce into the pasta (Paul Newman Sakarooni) we put the whole thing together. Pasta with Chicken on top and garnished with the peppers. For good measure we topped it off with some freshly grated parmesan cheese.

It tasted even better than it looks. We had a glass of red wine with it. The wine was Spanish. We discovered it last week at a tasting at Clever Wines up in Mid-City.

As fantastic as the dinner was, the highlight of the meal had to be desert. Kerry made these little mascarpone stuffed dates with honey on top.

I had never had dates before, especially not any with mascarpone and honey in them. They were so good. They sat in the refrigerated for about an hour while we ate dinner and got cold.

Just to keep with the wine theme we opened a bottle of chardonnay and had a glass with them. So far I think they are the tastiest thing featured on this blog. And the good news is I have the making of about 100 more in my fridge right now.

It was a great dinner though. The bar is set pretty high for my next dinner.


The Blob

Picture Kerry and Justin, dragging their feet on the way to class on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Suddenly, spots of sticky purple goo show up on the sidewalk as we approach school.

K & J: "Grape jelly?"

J: "What if... that's the first indication we have that there's a Blob in the school, eating people?"

We went in anyway. So far, no Blob. We'll keep you posted, unless the grape jelly gets us first.

Ice Cream Break

After a whole day of sitting at CC's working on a paper and powerpoint due at midnight, we desided to revisit the Nacho Mama's idea.

We were so hungry we didn't take a picture . I had a Great Western Burrito though and Kerry had Cheese Enchiladas. It was a pretty satisfying meal after a day of coffee shop snacks (bagel, tiny chocolate cheesecake thing, etc.).

What we did remember to take a picture of was dessert. We headed to Creole Creamery for single scoops of ice cream in tiny Styrofoam cups. What you see here are partially eaten cups of Lavender Honey and (I believe) Butterscotch (maybe with chocolate chips?). If anyone is reading this besides us you should go to Creole Creamery more often than you currently go.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Popeye's in the Park and Catch up.

Oh - you thought I was kidding about Popeye's? No you are looking at a 3 piece spicy chicken tender meal. It came in a box and was good. My meal actually included 9 nuggets instead of 3 tenders.

Both seemed like good options. We ate them at the park on the corner of Carrolton and Claiborne. I think its called Palmer Park but I might have made that up. Either way it was a good lunch. I finished A Million Little Peices and took a nap after. Kerry had a team meeting.

Skipped a few posts yesterday, one was an uneventful lunch at the LBC (Quizno's) and a pretty ok dinner from Bangkok Thai. I had curry for the first time. I have some leftovers so maybe a leftover's post tomorrow.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Blueberry Muffin Morning

Blueberry muffins for breakfast. Betty Crocker! Just add water!

I like them with butter and a Diet Coke.

I'm not sure what else there is to say about them except that there were 6 of them and they were served warm.

Oh and I ate enough (3) to not be hungry for lunch and now I can wait until I get a break at four today to get a snack at the LBC (student center). So my next post will most likely include some sort of over-priced, pre-made, plastic-wrapped... well something.

The muffins were really good though.


It's not delivery... it's Digiorno!

So Justin and I have been on a bit of a frozen pizza kick lately... possibly because one of our MBA finals last month involved a case study of a "restaurant-quality frozen pizza" manufacturer. They're also inexpensive and pretty tasty if you buy the right kind. Last night we opted for a Digiorno four-cheese brick oven style pizza. Nice crunchy crust and we can thank J for the Roma tomatoes on top.  

We also made a Caesar salad with an E Tu kit... just add romaine and mix in the croutons, dressing, etc included in the kit.  Fast and easy.

All in all it was a pretty healthy, yummy meal.  We finished it off with a bottle of wine from a tasting we went to last week.  Clever Wines was promoting this Spanish red, Almira Los Dos from 2006.  Delicious.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Leftovers Lunch

As promised the return of the Baked Fusili from Fresco. I heated it up in a pan with some Classico Roasted Red Pepper Sauce and some shredded mozzarella and then I ate it.

Now I'm going to eat a Bimbo Bimbuneulos for dessert. I got it at Walmart today. Its weird to me that they expire in 10 days. I didn't know things like that expired.


Dinner at Fresco Cafe

Nacho Mama's fell through, but we ended up at Fresco Cafe. It wasn't a bad substitute because they had 2 for 1 margaritas.

My pasta (baked Fusili) actually is as big as it looks here. Half is sitting in my refrigerator still (stay tuned for a post including left overs).

Kerry's Pesto Shrimp Wrap came with french fries instead of roasted potatoes as advertised. I didn't try it but it looked good. I did have a french fry actually.

We actually started with a caprese salad with roma tomatoes fresh mozzarella and come olive oil and balsamic. We were too hungry to take a picture of it when it came... so you get this picture of the last few bites of it.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hot Saturday Night

Having coffee and pretending to be productive at the Rue on Mag. I think I get to go to Nacho Mama's soon for a study break. Mmmm.


First Post - Chilli at Home

This is the first post.

We Ate Chili at my house while we watched a movie. The movie was Donnie Darko. The chili was burnt because I thought we could keep it on low while we went out to get Fritos for it. It ended up being pretty ok anyway thanks to copious amounts of sour cream and Mexican blend shreaded cheese.

I normally dont burn food when I make it but this time I did.


Eating in NOLA

This is going to be a blog about things that we eat. We live in New Orleans. Sometimes we eat at places that are really interesting, sometimes we eat on my couch... sometimes we eat Popeye's Chicken in my car. Some times we eat by ourselves, often times we eat together.

At least 90% of what we eat is delicious.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Orleans Restaurant Review Archive

Here a list of every New Orleans restaurant review on the site.  Well... the word "review" is being used very loosely here.  Some are very detailed and some are a just picture and a few words.  Either way, each gives at least a little information about the restaurant and something awesome to read.

$ - Under $20 for two.
$$ - $20-$35 for two.
$$$ - $35-$50 for two.
$$$$ - Over $50 for two. 

$$$-$$$$ The American Sector
$$$-$$$$ Atchafalaya
$$$$ Bacco
$ Back to the Garden
$ Between the Bread
$$ Blue Plate Cafe
$$$$ Bourbon House
$$$-$$$$ Boucherie
$$ Cabana Grill
$$$-$$$$ Cafe Adelaide
$$$ Cafe Granada
$$-$$$ Cafe Rani
$-$$ Cafe Reconcile
$-$$ Camellia Grill
$$$ Catch 
$$ Clever Wine Bar 1 2
$ Clover Grill
$$$$ Cochon 1 2
$$ Cochon Butcher 1 2 3
$$$$ Commander's Palace
$$$$ Coquette
$$ Crabby Jacks
$ Creole Creamery
$$ Cure
$$ Delachaise
$-$$ Doors Pub
$ Dough Bowl/The Boot 1 2
$$ Elizabeth's
$ Felipe's Taqueria
$$ Fresco Cafe 1 2
$$ Frankie and Johnny's 
$ First Cup
$ Frostop
$ Gelato Pazzo Cafe
$$ Gott Gourmet 1 2
$$$ Grand Isle
$$$$ Grill Room
$$ Hana
$ Heavenly Ham
$ Huevos
$-$$ Il Posto
$$$-$$$$ Jackson
$$ Jazmine Cafe
$$ Juan's Flying Burrito
$-$$ The Joint
$ Koz's
$ Kupcake Factory
$$$$ La Boca
$$$-$$$$ La Cote Brasserie 1 2
$$ La Macarena Pupuseria & Latin Cafe
$$ Lakeview Harbor
$$$ Le Meritage
$-$$ Lebanon's Cafe
$$ Louisiana Pizza Kitchen
$$$-$$$$ Luke
$-$$ Milk Bar
$$$ Mimi's in the Marigny
$$ Naked Pizza
$$ Nirvana
$$$-$$$$ NOLA
$$ Olive Branch Cafe
$$$-$$$$ One Restaurant and Lounge
$$ Panchita's Mexican Criolla
$$$$ Pascal's Manale
$-$$ Pepperoni's Cafe
$$$ Petunia's
$$ Precinct
$$$$ Ralph's on the Park
$$$-$$$$ Rambla
$$ Refuel
$$ Reginelli's
$ Riccobono's
$$ Rocky's Gourmet Pizza
$$ The Rum House
$ Sarita's Grill
$-$$ Slice
$$ Somethin' Else Cafe
$$ Squeal BBQ
$$ St. Charles Tavern
$$ St. James Cheese Company
$$ Stein's Deli
$$$ Sun Ray Grill
$ Taco San Miguel
$$ Taqueria Corona
$$-$$$ Taqueros
$$ Theo's Neighborhood Pizza
$$$$ Vizard's
$-$$ Walkers BBQ
$ Whole Foods
$$ Willie Mae' Scotch House
$$ Yo Mama's Bar and Grill