Friday, April 30, 2010

Cafe Adelaide

So it's been a while.  Sorry about that.  I was in China for a while which could turn anyone off to food for awhile.

But here is something I have been doing... writing for the new New Orleans Tourism Blog

Here is a post about $0.25 Martinis at Cafe Adelaide I wrote for GoNOLA:

Great Food, Greater Tradition : 25 Cent Martinis at Cafe Adelaide

There is no question that New Orleans is known for great food and drink.  With so many world class restaurants and famous bars, it can be difficult to decide where to spend your dining and drinking dollars.  But locals (and a few well informed tourists) know of a couple of spots in town that make the decision a little easier… at least at lunch time.

One of these places is Cafe Adelaide in the Lowes Hotel on Poydras Street in the Central Business District.  Cafe Adelaide is the younger (and slightly less stuffy) sibling of the famed Commander’s Palace, and just like her older brother, Cafe Adelaide serves up twenty-five cent martinis to lunch hour diners.
The cheap lunch-time martini is a Brennan family tradition that is most widely taken advantage of at Commander’s and Bacco, with Cafe Adelaide being too often overlooked.

So, I know what your thinking, “Twenty five cent martinis?  What’s the catch?”  The only catch is you’ll need to order an entree. But since Adelaide’s lunch menu boasts dishes like Flat Iron Steak-Frites, Quinoa Crusted Scottish Salmon, and a seasonal lunch special (currently Sugar Cured Roast Beef “Smashed” Po-Boy), it’s the most delicious catch in New Orleans.

So do yourself a favor and stop by Cafe Adelaide for lunch sometime soon.  Chef Chris Lusk is turning out delicious, seasonal food daily, and everything that he cooks goes great with a twenty-five cent martini.  And if it’s just the drinking you are interested in, Cafe Adelaide’s Swizzle Stick Bar mixes one of New Orleans’ most famous signature drinks: The Adelaide Swizzle .