Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Walking tour of Dijon

We got to Dijon France last night and got some dinner. We leave tomorrow so we figured the best way to spend our was a walking tour. The city is set up with brass plaqes all over and 22 stops along the way. Here I'd a picture of all the stuff I brought back from the trip. Notice the mustard shock is all different flavors including chess and current. Also Dijon is in the heart of the burgomdy wine country so we have been drinking the wine.

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Catch up post... France

In a few hours I'm going to do a long post on our walking tour of Dijon. Here is a catch up post in some of the things we missed...

I'm sure there is some food down there somehere

Snack before dinner from a bakery by the hotel.

Catacombs in France

Ate here last might in Dijon and below is a specialty I forget the name but it's ham and herbs

And Kerry had this salad

Ok stay tuned for a real post later just had an awesome day in Dijon.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ready for lunch

I'm bored and sustaining myself on hotel jelly beans and Evian. Lunch in 12 min. It's 5:48am where you are.

And I missed cheese steak day at stien's yesterday.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Chez Clemente

Don't get me wrong... I know you read for the colorful writing style... No time though at a free wi fi bar and we are leaving here are a few pics from lunch at chez... Something... Kerry says Clemente. Chicken salmon mashed potatos and something with goat cheese and apple

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Lunch in the hotel dining room

This is from a few days ago I forgot to post it...sorry. New post tonight though just got to Dijon France and we are heading to dinner.

They serve wine with lunch here. They also serve some pretty good food.

Below is a sample of the offerings we were provided for lunch between lectures from L'Oreal and others.

There was some steak and salmon and some great potatoes and little stuffed peppers. There was a ton of stuff and all of it was great including the cold potato and leake soup. Then a ton of good tiny desserts as well that I forgot to take a picture of.

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Monday, March 23, 2009

Dinner in a Neighorhood that I don't know the name of and would never be able to find again

So we walked around, I think we found our way into the gay district for a little, almost ended up at a Tex-Mex place and then ended up here.

Can you read the name of the place? I can't. We ordered a few 25cl Monaco's which turns out is a red sweet fruit beer. After we ordered them we drank them.

We got our food (KM- Onion Soup [Haha they don't put the "French" in front of it... typical] Me - croque monsieur), and then we ate it before you could see it.

And then we left, got a little dessert (some sort of crumble, maybe raspberry?)

And went home cause we were tired. Real tired.
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I forgot to title the last post but this one is called "Lunch and a Crepe"

So do you care what we are doing here or are you just in it for the food?

Well my parents read this so I'll give a quick overview... Feel free to skip around I guess... Actually don't be rude just read everything. We took a cab down to the Seine river and then kinda stumbled upon the Eiffel Tower. So we thought about walking over but we like eating so we went to lunch instead...

It was an Italian place and it was called something either French or Italian. Kerry had the pizza you see up there with 4 fromages ( motz, ricotta, parm and gouda) and prosciutto. I had penne with spicy arrabiata sauce.

We wanted dessert though so we got a crepe...

The chocolate and banana kind. (ok ok we went to the top too).

Then we got on a boat on the river, checked out Notre Dame...

Oh then we ate again. We'll do a new post for it so we are really blowing up people's Google Readers.

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Care Rendezvous

So here is how this is going to work... Sometimes you are going to get pictures of the food, sometimes just the restaurant, maybe empty plates sometimes. There will be times I remember the name of the place but most times I won't because I'm not French.

Either way this was dinner the other night at Cafe Rendezvous. We forgot pictures of food but KM had the risotto with shrimp and scallops and I had a steak with some potatoes layered with cheese and cream.

The resturant was about 1/2 mile (1km?) from the hotel. Here is a picture of the inside and of Kerry looking at something in her hand... I don't know what it is, let's pretend it's a baguette!

- Lucky you, Kerry insisted on editing before I uploaded!

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Friday, March 20, 2009

Eating in... Paris

So we leave for Paris today. The good news is I downloaded blogpress for my phone so we can keep you updated on our movable feast.

I know you appreciate it so go ahead and send the check for $2.99. Assuming this post works we should be in business. Of you think my grammar and spelling was bad before imagine it while I'm posting via iPhone. Kerry will have her editing job cut out for her when we get back.

How about a little food. What do you eat the night before flying to Europe? The most American food you can think of... From an Australian themed restaurant. Nothing like outback curbside pick up.

I had ribs and a baked potato with all the fixins.

Kerry went with the kids macaroni and a side of shrimp. Both meals were good.

So get ready for about twenty posts on crapes and pomme frites and Parisian mcdonalds. Just kidding there is gonna be some good stuff. Stay posted!
Sunday, March 15, 2009

Rocky's Gourmet Pizza

"So we are both officially not doing work right now right?"
- Kerry Mitchell 4 minutes ago at Rue de la Course on Oak


Sometimes after a big meal it's tough to sit down and really focus on Environmental Strategy and Global Leadership homework. I'm not sure what she is doing across the table over there (maybe basking in our new found fame?) but I'm food blogging about Rocky's Gourmet Pizza (seriously Rocky's? No website?).

Don't think our procrastination just started... we should have gotten to work hours ago, but the one thing we like more than studying is pizza. A large Mojo pizza to be exact, with spinach, artichoke, and feta.

You have to give me a break, I just got here in July. I know everyone has already been to Rocky's and everyone already knows it's fantastic... I mean it won Best Pizza in New Orleans in 2000 AND 2002. So maybe this post is just a reminder. Go back to Rocky's, it's still good. Plus, what other restaurant in the area has door trellises hanging all over the ceiling?

P.S. We ate it all.

A note from management...

I know, I know.  I'm a freeloader around this blog.  I get to eat all the good food, pose for a few pictures, and Justin has to do all the dirty work of writing it up.  But I want you all to know that every now and then, I do lift a finger to do something other than knock back an Andygator.  Someone has to keep the spelling in check around here, especially when we get calls from Justin's mom wondering what happened to him in childhood that he still can't spell "tradition."  He does the witty writing, and I make sure it passes inspection (I was slacking for awhile but our posts should be up to grammar snuff now.) 

I'll try and snap more photos so my literary voice will be on the blog once in awhile!  Until then, check out the delicious burritos we made last night.  Thanks for reading!


Pulled Pork Burritos

So this is a post that has been in the works for a few months now -- since before the blog existed, actually. Or I guess what I really mean is I had a pork roast in the freezer for a few months. I bought it back in December, but didn't have a Crock Pot at the time to slow cook it in. I got a little one over Christmas just for this occasion. And Kerry got a Cuisinart food processor for Christmas so we were excited about fresh salsa and guacamole as well.

MBA classes will get in the way of the best of plans, though, and it took us a few months to get to it. Worth the wait.

We slow cooked the pork all day. We threw in some chicken broth, some Montreal Chicken Seasoning, and she doesn't know it, but I put a little cumin in later. Then, while she was at one of our typical marathon MBA team meetings, I shredded it up and went to the store for some fresh salsa and guacamole ingredients.

The pico de gallo we made was really good. Just some fresh vine-ripened tomatoes, white onion, a little jalapeno and salt.

And then we used the same recipe for the guacamole, plus a fresh avocado (Robert's charged me the $1 Hass avocado price even though I got the $2 Frontera avocado). There is still some of this sitting in the fridge for consumption today. The Pico and Guacamole really made the meal.

So we wrapped it all up with a little cheese and lettuce on some skillet-warmed tortillas (ask Kerry how to roll up a burrito, she knows how to now).  Delicious.

Biscuit Breakfast

What do you do when you have about a cup and a half of Bisquick mix, no eggs, and some milk?

Biscuit breakfast. And you smother them with butter and honey. And you drink orange juice with them.

Abita Pub Crawl

What? $1 Abita Red Ales and a free t-shirt? Alright.

I think you can look back at this blog and know that we are pretty big Abita fans. So when we heard about an Abita Pub Crawl in the CBD on Friday the 13th, we were all about it. We had missed one a few weeks back and wanted to make sure we made it out to this one.

It was 4 stops: McGuire's on Magazine, Jasper's on St. Joseph, Rusty Nail on Constance, and Ugly Dog Saloon on Andrew Higgins.

We like to make our own plan so we strayed away from the beaten path a little.

We started at McGuire's and they had a pretty good outside party going on. They were charging a ridiculous amount for some crawfish though. But there was a good crowd, and we got our free shirts and some cheap beers.

We went inside to get some food but they had a special menu for the crawl and it wasn't really what we were looking for. And it was kinda lame in there.

So we went in search of Jasper's to see if they had some better offerings. We will never know because we couldn't find it.

So we headed to Rusty Nail and were the first crawlers there. It was actually a pretty good bar but they don't serve food there so we picked up an Abita Strawberry Harvest (my first) left the car and trekked down to Ugly Dog Saloon to see what they had to offer.

To be honest, it wasn't much but we got a couple of pretty good baked potatoes with butter, sour cream and cheese and called it a night (at about 9pm). When we got back to Rusty Nail to pick up the car we saw a good number of our fellow crawlers milling about... I didn't ask any of them but I'm sure they couldn't find Jasper's either.
Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Second Stein's Deli New Orleans Food Blog Post of the Day

Who says we just read Blackened Out and post on the same restaurant right after?

Whatever, neither Blackened Out or anyone at Stein's Market and Deli read this blog. (Correction: Blackened Out does! Thanks, guys. KMK) But I will admit after seeing the Blackened Out post on Stein's this this morning we were intrigued. There is nothing like the promise of a good cheese steak to get me a little further down Magazine Street than I'm used to.

Well I can't tell you how disappointed I was to arrive to the corner of Mag and Jackson and learn that Stein's only serves cheese steaks on Tuesdays. There were still some pretty good options though...

Like the BLT. That's what I ate. I guess it's hard to really screw up a BLT, but it's hard to really get it right as well. They got it right. Thinly sliced tomatoes, not too much lettuce or mayonnaise, and great bacon. I don't remember what kind of bacon, but I know it was a fancy kind because on the menu it didn't just say "bacon"... there was something else in front of it.

Kerry Mitchell had the Robert sandwich, with imported prosciutto and mozzarella and fresh balsamic vinegar. It was a little pricey for deli food, but incredibly good and worth the money according to her.

Oh, and they both came with two types of housemade pickles. We don't like pickles, but you can have them if you want. And we got the annual festival guide out of the Gambit to plan our upcoming adventures, so a pretty great lunch overall.

Cafe Rani Lunch

After a long stint at CC's on Magazine (we spared you the post... you're welcome) we needed some lunch before a grueling marketing class at three.

The weather here has been really fantastic lately so we decided on a meal outside at Cafe Rani (we normally don't link if there isn't a website but Cafe Rani has a pretty good lunch menu so I decided to break tradition... but seriously, get on it Cafe Rani). They have a great patio, which is rare on Magazine.

Kerry Mitchell went with the Cobb Club sandwich. We wondered why restaurants hadn't thought about this before... or at least enough restaurants for us to have seen it before. The description is below the picture.

Cobb Club

grilled breast of chicken, crisp bacon, roma tomatoes, diced egg, avocado and romaine lettuce topped with crumbled bleu cheese, served on fresh baked ciabatta

I went with a pretty standard club sandwich on a croissant but it was tasty and melty and I really did enjoy it. Both came with kettle chips.  Crunchy.

We drank normal tap water with it but they poured it in a recycled wine bottle, gave us lemon and poured it for us so it tasted fancy. Kerry liked it and she smiled.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sometimes we like to go to Whole Foods for lunch...

... and this was one of those days. So we headed down to the Whole Foods at Arabella Station on Magazine.

The normal thing we do at Whole Foods is get the California Club, which is pretty great. You should get one the next time you're there. Turkey, bacon, avocado, some sun-dried tomato spread, probably some tomatoes on ciabatta and grilled up.

Either way, we get that and we split it.  Then normally we get some soup. This day we got sides from the hot bar at the deli instead. Kerry got the grilled vegetables which you can see below. You won't see my cheese and garlic mashed potatoes below because I ate them incredibly fast because they were the best mashed potatoes I have ever eaten.

The other thing we do is get good drinks to go along with it. Kerry got Pomegranate Limeade by Odwalla, and I got an Orangina.  Kerry doesn't like Orangina so I got to drink every sip of mine. She was nice enough, though, to let me have a sip of her limeade. I was appreciative.

And a funny side note - I just went to tag this post with the word "vegetables" and it was the first time we had used it... this is our 48th post.