Monday, March 23, 2009

I forgot to title the last post but this one is called "Lunch and a Crepe"

So do you care what we are doing here or are you just in it for the food?

Well my parents read this so I'll give a quick overview... Feel free to skip around I guess... Actually don't be rude just read everything. We took a cab down to the Seine river and then kinda stumbled upon the Eiffel Tower. So we thought about walking over but we like eating so we went to lunch instead...

It was an Italian place and it was called something either French or Italian. Kerry had the pizza you see up there with 4 fromages ( motz, ricotta, parm and gouda) and prosciutto. I had penne with spicy arrabiata sauce.

We wanted dessert though so we got a crepe...

The chocolate and banana kind. (ok ok we went to the top too).

Then we got on a boat on the river, checked out Notre Dame...

Oh then we ate again. We'll do a new post for it so we are really blowing up people's Google Readers.

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