Monday, March 23, 2009

Dinner in a Neighorhood that I don't know the name of and would never be able to find again

So we walked around, I think we found our way into the gay district for a little, almost ended up at a Tex-Mex place and then ended up here.

Can you read the name of the place? I can't. We ordered a few 25cl Monaco's which turns out is a red sweet fruit beer. After we ordered them we drank them.

We got our food (KM- Onion Soup [Haha they don't put the "French" in front of it... typical] Me - croque monsieur), and then we ate it before you could see it.

And then we left, got a little dessert (some sort of crumble, maybe raspberry?)

And went home cause we were tired. Real tired.
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