Thursday, July 30, 2009

Quick Post 2: La Cote Happy Hour

Did you know all Abita bottles are $2 5-7pm on weekdays at La Cote Brasserie? They are! Here is the proof. Check it out. Come on they have Jockamo and Turbo Dog.

Stay turned for homemade risotto and Coquette in the next few days.

Quick Post 1: Kupcake Factory

SO... we have a back log of posts. I'm going to do two super fast quick post right now just so the work ahead is less daunting.

So post one here is the Kupcake Factory. This place opened up right on Claibore and Calhoun. pictured below is the Goin' Bananas Cupcake. It is incredible. The icing is an amazing cream cheese and banana frosting and the cake of the cupcake is moist and good. This is my favorite cupcake in the world.

Monday, July 27, 2009


A few months ago I meant to do a post on Frostop. Before I moved I lived about 100 feet from it and felt bad that I had never given it a shout out it being a New Orleans classic and all. Well I forgot to post it but here you go.

I got a few castle burgers and they were great. Real great. I know it's not a popular stance but I like Frostop better than Bud's Broiler. I'm not ashamed to say it. Not ashamed at all. Though I am a little ashamed about the mess in the background of this picture. Whatever I was moving at the time.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Cochon Butcher

Who doesn't like fancy smancy deli's?

I know a post about Cochon Butcher isn't exactly breaking new ground. This place is written up more than Sucre.

But I hadn't been there yet (gasp!) and was looking for an excuse. Today nothing sounded better than sitting down with superior pork sandwich and watching some NASCAR.

After twitter requesting a twitter suggestion, the one NOLA Food Blog that actually follows us on twitter gave me the excuse I was looking for (I'm sure Blackenedout or Appetites would have responded with the same suggestion if they followed eatinginnola on twitter...).

So I went (has anyone tried the kurabuta bacon from there?) and got the BBQ Pork sandwich. It was awesome and it came with some potato salad which was awesome too and I'm not normally a potato salad guy.

The big this is this filled me up... more than filled me up really and all for less than Stein's... and you know how we feel about Steins on this blog.

St. James Cheese Shop is next on the list of sandwich places I need to try. I'm hoping its as good because I really need a good sandwich place that is Uptown.

OH OH, and I got a Mexican Coke. I love Mexican Coke.

Olive Branch Cafe

So I've been spending a little more time in Mid City then I had been in the past. Kerry and I met for lunch last Saturday at the Olive Branch Cafe on Orleans right near Clever.

I don't have a ton to say about it but I especially don't have anything bad to say about it. It was pretty reasonably priced. That Citrus Salad with candied walnuts and feta you are looking at is actually the small size and was something like $4.99.

Kerry's pizza with artichoke was under $11 I think. Everything tasted about how you would expect but nothing was a disappointment.

We don't rate restaurants on this site with any fancy standardized grading system but if we did I think this would be a "Not Bad."
Sunday, July 12, 2009


Hey you know what? This is our 101st post! 100 happened without me realizing... so lets celebrate with some Cochon.

Look i know you already know this but we don't take lots of fancy pictures. We take iphone pictures and iphone pictures don't have a flash. So for this post what we lack in quality I'm going to try to make up for in quantity. I took quite a few pictures which is impressive considering I took them without others noticing ( are aren't braggart bloggers you know).

So I got a good amount of food. I mean its a restaurant... so we got some bread. I don't know what to say about it? It came in roll form and above is a picture of it. I ate mine with butter. I can't be sure about Kerry but I assume she did the same.

So I started with the spicy ribs. They were pretty spicy but I didn't hold it against them. I ate them all and they were good.

My main course was the brisket with horseradish potato salad. I felt pretty unadventurous ordering it but it was so good. Though I never would want to have horseradish potato salad on its own. It was awesome.

Kerry had these things. Of of there things is a craw fish pie. She said it was ok. The other thing was heirloom tomatoes on some sort of corn cake thing. Pretty good. Really good actually. Really Really good.

Oh and we shared this Macaroni and Cheese. It was ok. Alright thats all for this poorly thought out post post!
Friday, July 10, 2009

Clever Tapas

So we have been meaning to do Clever tapas night for awhile. A Twitter promise of free Don Julio is what got us there this week. Let it be known said tequila promise was never delivered on but that doesn't mean we didn't enjoy our visit. I know I should remember the chef's name. If someone twitters it to me I'll put it in.

Now you know me. I'm not big on "details" or "remembering every ingredient" or "paying attention to the things I'm eating," so give me a break on this post I'm pretty sure I'll remember the important stuff. So we got 4 small plates to go along with our beer (Sierra Nevada) and wine (ummm... bubbles were in it?).

So we did two at a time. You're looking at some sweet corn and soup with some crab meat on top. I think I've said before I'm not real big on cold soups... I think that probably makes me sound like someone uneducated in the ways of fine foods but whateva. Either way this was cold but it was good and it had a fair amount of crab on it so I'm giving it a thumbs up. So it's a soup that breaks down barriers.

Round 1 dish 2 was um Eggplant Toast? I think that was is though that doesn't sound very appetizing - but it was good. If for no other reason there was some goat cheese thrown on top and who doesn't love all things goat cheesed? Well everyone educated in the ways of fine food like myself loves goat cheese.


POW round two came at us strong with some CHICKEN on some STUFF topped with VEGETABLES! I have no idea what this dish was because I FORGOT! You know what I remember though? It was delicious and kinda smokey. And the vegetables were just any vegetables... they were good tasting ones. We better move on to something I remember. This was good though. Eat it one day.

Just when you thought this blog had lost all of its integrity and I don't know anything about anything I come at you with hummus and falafel. Actually the hummus and falafel were pretty standard but they came with some really good fluffy pita that was enjoyed by all.

Look this post really took a turn for the worst toward the end. I'm really just banking on that you guys just look at the pictures and don't actually read any of the words... so here's hoping that's the case.

Naked and Free

So if you're a Twitterer you might already know this but according to Naked Pizza they gave away over $1000 in free large pizzas yesterday. I wonder if they mean $1000 in sales prices or cost of food... Either way I guess I don't care because I got a free large pineapple.

Now I hadn't eaten there since they were still Worlds Healthiest Pizza back when I moved here a year ago. I made up for that yesterday though when it was the only thing I ate all day. It's not bad pizza especially if it really is as healthy as it claims.

So this was a short post look for a longer one on Sunday. Here is a hint it's about clever.

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Juan's Flying Burrito

So here's a short post with some longer ones coming.

Checked out Juan's Flying Burrito on Carrollton for the first time Yesterday. Much better than I expected. There are lots of burrito places in the world. The best I've ever been to is Atomic Burrito in Charlottesville, Virginia (note: i just read that it got shut down... so I'm behind the times). Juan's isn't as good but its pretty damn good.

I went with the El Pastor. Pork Pineapple Salsa, Pickled Jalapenos and other good stuff.

It's also nice to get some more Mid City places on this blog.
Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sun Ray Grill

I've said a bunch of times that more posts are coming. I've made a liar of myself and I understand that. I'm not going to say it again. But seriously though, there are going to be more posts.

Lets get it back going with Sun Ray Grill on Annunciation in the Warehouse District.

Oh man. Talk about good spinach and artichoke dip. Never mind don't talk about it just read about it here. I can't explain why its was so good, it could have been that i hadn't eaten in 9 hours, but i think there was a little something special to it. If nothing else they offered chips or pita. We went with the chips cause we like a little crunch in our lives. I can't think of anything else to say about it. Here is a blurry picture of it though.

Kerry went with the Gulf Fish Tacos of course (if you follow us on twitter you already knew that, if you don't follow us on twitter then you might as well surrender yourself to the revolution). I had a bite because I always have a bite and they were real good. I think they had a smokey taste to them. I wonder why. Well they were good and the cabbage was fresh and the fish was aquatic. I didn't try the beans but the saffron rice was actually really really good too.

I has the Steak and Bleu Quesadilla. It was pretty good too. I'm going to complain about a few things about it now but it really was good so if you ever want to get it you should should. BUT. It came in a spinach tortilla... I don't get why places do that. I always would prefer a normal tortilla i don't need flavor in my tortilla i just need pillowy freshness. I asked for a normal tortilla and they said they didn't even have them. You serve Mexican food. The other thing is I couldn't really taste the bleu cheese cause it was mixed in with monetary jack. I really wanted to taste it though.

Alright. That's it. I hope you got your fix. There is going to be more. I promise this time. Oh seriously though follow us on twitter y'all.