Friday, July 10, 2009

Clever Tapas

So we have been meaning to do Clever tapas night for awhile. A Twitter promise of free Don Julio is what got us there this week. Let it be known said tequila promise was never delivered on but that doesn't mean we didn't enjoy our visit. I know I should remember the chef's name. If someone twitters it to me I'll put it in.

Now you know me. I'm not big on "details" or "remembering every ingredient" or "paying attention to the things I'm eating," so give me a break on this post I'm pretty sure I'll remember the important stuff. So we got 4 small plates to go along with our beer (Sierra Nevada) and wine (ummm... bubbles were in it?).

So we did two at a time. You're looking at some sweet corn and soup with some crab meat on top. I think I've said before I'm not real big on cold soups... I think that probably makes me sound like someone uneducated in the ways of fine foods but whateva. Either way this was cold but it was good and it had a fair amount of crab on it so I'm giving it a thumbs up. So it's a soup that breaks down barriers.

Round 1 dish 2 was um Eggplant Toast? I think that was is though that doesn't sound very appetizing - but it was good. If for no other reason there was some goat cheese thrown on top and who doesn't love all things goat cheesed? Well everyone educated in the ways of fine food like myself loves goat cheese.


POW round two came at us strong with some CHICKEN on some STUFF topped with VEGETABLES! I have no idea what this dish was because I FORGOT! You know what I remember though? It was delicious and kinda smokey. And the vegetables were just any vegetables... they were good tasting ones. We better move on to something I remember. This was good though. Eat it one day.

Just when you thought this blog had lost all of its integrity and I don't know anything about anything I come at you with hummus and falafel. Actually the hummus and falafel were pretty standard but they came with some really good fluffy pita that was enjoyed by all.

Look this post really took a turn for the worst toward the end. I'm really just banking on that you guys just look at the pictures and don't actually read any of the words... so here's hoping that's the case.


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