Sunday, July 12, 2009


Hey you know what? This is our 101st post! 100 happened without me realizing... so lets celebrate with some Cochon.

Look i know you already know this but we don't take lots of fancy pictures. We take iphone pictures and iphone pictures don't have a flash. So for this post what we lack in quality I'm going to try to make up for in quantity. I took quite a few pictures which is impressive considering I took them without others noticing ( are aren't braggart bloggers you know).

So I got a good amount of food. I mean its a restaurant... so we got some bread. I don't know what to say about it? It came in roll form and above is a picture of it. I ate mine with butter. I can't be sure about Kerry but I assume she did the same.

So I started with the spicy ribs. They were pretty spicy but I didn't hold it against them. I ate them all and they were good.

My main course was the brisket with horseradish potato salad. I felt pretty unadventurous ordering it but it was so good. Though I never would want to have horseradish potato salad on its own. It was awesome.

Kerry had these things. Of of there things is a craw fish pie. She said it was ok. The other thing was heirloom tomatoes on some sort of corn cake thing. Pretty good. Really good actually. Really Really good.

Oh and we shared this Macaroni and Cheese. It was ok. Alright thats all for this poorly thought out post post!


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