Sunday, July 26, 2009

Cochon Butcher

Who doesn't like fancy smancy deli's?

I know a post about Cochon Butcher isn't exactly breaking new ground. This place is written up more than Sucre.

But I hadn't been there yet (gasp!) and was looking for an excuse. Today nothing sounded better than sitting down with superior pork sandwich and watching some NASCAR.

After twitter requesting a twitter suggestion, the one NOLA Food Blog that actually follows us on twitter gave me the excuse I was looking for (I'm sure Blackenedout or Appetites would have responded with the same suggestion if they followed eatinginnola on twitter...).

So I went (has anyone tried the kurabuta bacon from there?) and got the BBQ Pork sandwich. It was awesome and it came with some potato salad which was awesome too and I'm not normally a potato salad guy.

The big this is this filled me up... more than filled me up really and all for less than Stein's... and you know how we feel about Steins on this blog.

St. James Cheese Shop is next on the list of sandwich places I need to try. I'm hoping its as good because I really need a good sandwich place that is Uptown.

OH OH, and I got a Mexican Coke. I love Mexican Coke.


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