Sunday, March 15, 2009

Rocky's Gourmet Pizza

"So we are both officially not doing work right now right?"
- Kerry Mitchell 4 minutes ago at Rue de la Course on Oak


Sometimes after a big meal it's tough to sit down and really focus on Environmental Strategy and Global Leadership homework. I'm not sure what she is doing across the table over there (maybe basking in our new found fame?) but I'm food blogging about Rocky's Gourmet Pizza (seriously Rocky's? No website?).

Don't think our procrastination just started... we should have gotten to work hours ago, but the one thing we like more than studying is pizza. A large Mojo pizza to be exact, with spinach, artichoke, and feta.

You have to give me a break, I just got here in July. I know everyone has already been to Rocky's and everyone already knows it's fantastic... I mean it won Best Pizza in New Orleans in 2000 AND 2002. So maybe this post is just a reminder. Go back to Rocky's, it's still good. Plus, what other restaurant in the area has door trellises hanging all over the ceiling?

P.S. We ate it all.


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