Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Second Stein's Deli New Orleans Food Blog Post of the Day

Who says we just read Blackened Out and post on the same restaurant right after?

Whatever, neither Blackened Out or anyone at Stein's Market and Deli read this blog. (Correction: Blackened Out does! Thanks, guys. KMK) But I will admit after seeing the Blackened Out post on Stein's this this morning we were intrigued. There is nothing like the promise of a good cheese steak to get me a little further down Magazine Street than I'm used to.

Well I can't tell you how disappointed I was to arrive to the corner of Mag and Jackson and learn that Stein's only serves cheese steaks on Tuesdays. There were still some pretty good options though...

Like the BLT. That's what I ate. I guess it's hard to really screw up a BLT, but it's hard to really get it right as well. They got it right. Thinly sliced tomatoes, not too much lettuce or mayonnaise, and great bacon. I don't remember what kind of bacon, but I know it was a fancy kind because on the menu it didn't just say "bacon"... there was something else in front of it.

Kerry Mitchell had the Robert sandwich, with imported prosciutto and mozzarella and fresh balsamic vinegar. It was a little pricey for deli food, but incredibly good and worth the money according to her.

Oh, and they both came with two types of housemade pickles. We don't like pickles, but you can have them if you want. And we got the annual festival guide out of the Gambit to plan our upcoming adventures, so a pretty great lunch overall.


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