Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cafe Rani Lunch

After a long stint at CC's on Magazine (we spared you the post... you're welcome) we needed some lunch before a grueling marketing class at three.

The weather here has been really fantastic lately so we decided on a meal outside at Cafe Rani (we normally don't link if there isn't a website but Cafe Rani has a pretty good lunch menu so I decided to break tradition... but seriously, get on it Cafe Rani). They have a great patio, which is rare on Magazine.

Kerry Mitchell went with the Cobb Club sandwich. We wondered why restaurants hadn't thought about this before... or at least enough restaurants for us to have seen it before. The description is below the picture.

Cobb Club

grilled breast of chicken, crisp bacon, roma tomatoes, diced egg, avocado and romaine lettuce topped with crumbled bleu cheese, served on fresh baked ciabatta

I went with a pretty standard club sandwich on a croissant but it was tasty and melty and I really did enjoy it. Both came with kettle chips.  Crunchy.

We drank normal tap water with it but they poured it in a recycled wine bottle, gave us lemon and poured it for us so it tasted fancy. Kerry liked it and she smiled.


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