Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sometimes we like to go to Whole Foods for lunch...

... and this was one of those days. So we headed down to the Whole Foods at Arabella Station on Magazine.

The normal thing we do at Whole Foods is get the California Club, which is pretty great. You should get one the next time you're there. Turkey, bacon, avocado, some sun-dried tomato spread, probably some tomatoes on ciabatta and grilled up.

Either way, we get that and we split it.  Then normally we get some soup. This day we got sides from the hot bar at the deli instead. Kerry got the grilled vegetables which you can see below. You won't see my cheese and garlic mashed potatoes below because I ate them incredibly fast because they were the best mashed potatoes I have ever eaten.

The other thing we do is get good drinks to go along with it. Kerry got Pomegranate Limeade by Odwalla, and I got an Orangina.  Kerry doesn't like Orangina so I got to drink every sip of mine. She was nice enough, though, to let me have a sip of her limeade. I was appreciative.

And a funny side note - I just went to tag this post with the word "vegetables" and it was the first time we had used it... this is our 48th post.


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