Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ice Cream Break

After a whole day of sitting at CC's working on a paper and powerpoint due at midnight, we desided to revisit the Nacho Mama's idea.

We were so hungry we didn't take a picture . I had a Great Western Burrito though and Kerry had Cheese Enchiladas. It was a pretty satisfying meal after a day of coffee shop snacks (bagel, tiny chocolate cheesecake thing, etc.).

What we did remember to take a picture of was dessert. We headed to Creole Creamery for single scoops of ice cream in tiny Styrofoam cups. What you see here are partially eaten cups of Lavender Honey and (I believe) Butterscotch (maybe with chocolate chips?). If anyone is reading this besides us you should go to Creole Creamery more often than you currently go.



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