Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Popeye's in the Park and Catch up.

Oh - you thought I was kidding about Popeye's? No you are looking at a 3 piece spicy chicken tender meal. It came in a box and was good. My meal actually included 9 nuggets instead of 3 tenders.

Both seemed like good options. We ate them at the park on the corner of Carrolton and Claiborne. I think its called Palmer Park but I might have made that up. Either way it was a good lunch. I finished A Million Little Peices and took a nap after. Kerry had a team meeting.

Skipped a few posts yesterday, one was an uneventful lunch at the LBC (Quizno's) and a pretty ok dinner from Bangkok Thai. I had curry for the first time. I have some leftovers so maybe a leftover's post tomorrow.



Leslie said...

When do you go to classes? Are you in a Culinary Class or What?

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