Monday, January 26, 2009

It's not delivery... it's Digiorno!

So Justin and I have been on a bit of a frozen pizza kick lately... possibly because one of our MBA finals last month involved a case study of a "restaurant-quality frozen pizza" manufacturer. They're also inexpensive and pretty tasty if you buy the right kind. Last night we opted for a Digiorno four-cheese brick oven style pizza. Nice crunchy crust and we can thank J for the Roma tomatoes on top.  

We also made a Caesar salad with an E Tu kit... just add romaine and mix in the croutons, dressing, etc included in the kit.  Fast and easy.

All in all it was a pretty healthy, yummy meal.  We finished it off with a bottle of wine from a tasting we went to last week.  Clever Wines was promoting this Spanish red, Almira Los Dos from 2006.  Delicious.


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