Saturday, May 2, 2009

Delachaise and Cure

So here we are again with low quality pictures. I don't know what to tell you guys... I'm telling you I really wish they were better because this past week we have had some pretty high quality drinks and they deserve better than an iPhone without a flash.

We went to Delachaise Wednesday to celebrate our internship offers.

It has been a while since we had ventured out to Delachaise after Wednesday night class but it was as good as always. We got a couple drinks and the Pomme Frites to start. Kerry got a Kir Royal and I got a Dark and Stormy. No picture of the Pomme Frites but they are amazing and you should take the trip down St. Charles (at Louisiana) to get them. They come with two dipping sauces - Satay and Red Pepper Atoli.

We did get a picture of the Blueberry Cognac Creme Brulee though. It was ok but I didn't think it was anything special.

We went out Friday to celebrate a finishing a week that included three papers and three presentations. We actually started at Delachaise again to double up on the pomme frites and get a couple of the grilled cheeses they have. Again no picture but the grilled cheese is incredible. Its one of my favorite things to eat anywhere.

The picture above is actually from Cure though. We had been wanted to try out Cure for a while now ever since we caught this article about it. If you are too lazy to read the link the gist of it is that its a new bar at Freret and Upperline that values showcasing their liquors rather than masking them with sugary juices.

I know its blurry but here is a picture of the bartender mixing our Hemingway Daiquiris. At one point an eye dropper was employed, it was pretty intense. Also it looked like they have some pretty good food and Cure too though we didn't partake in any. We did hear that Cure and Delachaise share the same owner so the food should be comparable.

So moral of the post? Good food and drinks and Cure and Delachaise. Go.


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