Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Some Things We Grow

So we do a little growing of plants. More specifically, cilantro, cayenne peppers, bell peppers, and beefsteak tomatoes (back 4 counter clockwise) and grape tomatoes and sweet basil (you can figure that one out for yourself I bet).

The back four we grew from seeds. Turns out my father works for Buzzy Seeds so I got a free Salsa Windowsill Garden awhile back. Recently we replanted them to give them a little more room to grow.

The front ones were bought from Lowes (Dark green tomato plant) and the Crecent City Farmer's Market (basil and tall tomato plant). So I know what you are thinking... "What tomatoes?"

Well we did get one grape tomato a while back. It was around my birthday and we ate it with some mozzarella and basil olive oil that we made from the basil you see above. So we are pretty much self sustaining farmers.

So that it fans. We grow some things. Hopefully they really start producing soon. OH! And go buy some things from Buzzy Seeds. As long as they keep selling seeds I might get to stay in school!


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