Friday, May 29, 2009

Wednesday at the Square

So we hit up Wednesday at the Square on... well Wednesday. It was pretty good there. We ran into a bunch of people we know and got a free beer from one of our friends manning the beer table.

Oh and we ate some food! Kerry had some fish tacos. I think it was a set of 3 for $6. I'm not sure where they were from actually (but I was just informed they were from Zoe at the W) but here is what they looked like in 2d.

I had some Ginger Boiled Shrimp in Sweet Soy Sauce from Saltwater Grill and a Smoked Sausage from Pull My Pork (website? No.). Both were kind unimpressive. As you can see below the shrimp were on some shredded lettuce for some reason. The sausage had cold slaw on it which I liked the idea of but it was too spicy and I'm not normally a wimp when it comes to spice.

In general the food seemed over priced. When i mentioned this to a friend there I was reminded its all for charity. So I guess that makes it ok. Regardless I'm pretty sure we'll be back next week for Trombone Shorty.


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