Saturday, October 24, 2009

Magazine Street Blues Festival

So no more of those catch up posts. This post is going up before the Magazine Street Blues Fest is even over.

Obviously we have a festival or two here every weekend but this really was a good one. If you happen to be reading this right after it is posted (I know you stay glued to your laptops waiting for the nest EIN post) then go catch the last few hours.

On to the important part though. First Butter Chicken from from Nirvana. This was go good I went right home and looked for Butter Chicken recipies to make tomorrow.

And some fresh cut fries from Boucherie. Topped with some spicy vinegar... these were pretty incredible too. I was too full to try it, but I got a look at the 12 hour beef brisket po-boy... it looked so good I can't even talk about it.

Hey and Soul Rebels were there. I love Soul Rebels.


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