Friday, October 23, 2009

Willie Mae' Scotch House

So it took a while for us to get to Willie Mae's. A big part of the reason was it never quite seemed to be open when we went. We finally went a few months ago though (that's right, there is a huge back log) and I think I learned a little bit about myself.

As you probably know Willie Mae's is touted at the best fried chicken in America (or the World? Probably the World I guess). Now I have friends that swear by Coop's down on Decatur but I've never been there so we are just going to pretend like it doesn't exist. So the purposes of this post Willie Mae's has the best fried chicken going.

Look, I know people love fried chicken but after eating at Willie Mae's I can confidently say I'm just not a fried chicken guy. For 25 years I have just been assuming that there was better chicken out there and as soon as I had it I would know. Turns out I'd rather just have a cheese burger.

Either way if you are into fried chicken then Willie Mae's is the spot. Its crispy, its moist, and its New Orleans. And the red beans and rice was pretty fantastic.


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