Friday, October 23, 2009

The Rum House

So again, this is from a while back. We stopped by the Rum House down on Magazine a few days after they opened.

The Rum House seems like a pretty good idea. I always tend to think of Caribbean themed anything as a little hokey but I'm not really above hokey things - so why not you know? The food was pretty good. We both got a trio of tacos and them came out looking like this on a little three taco stand.

Like I said It was a while back but it looks like I went with a fish taco, their rib taco and the calypso beef taco (Island marinated steak with guacamole and a drizzle of cilantro lime sour cream). The fish taco was pretty good but I'm not really that into fish tacos. The rib taco was pretty great though. Like really great. Besides the fact that I feel like an idiot eating something called calypso beef, that one was pretty good too.

All and all they where some pretty high quality tacos. Only real complaint about Rum House? The tacos are pretty tiny, almost like they are made for some sort of superbly palated child. It would have cost me about $20 to leave the place full. Pretty hefty when you consider the $2.50 price tag on the tacos.

It was good though and worth trying out. Especially if you're some sort of dwarf or pixie.


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