Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Banana Day

Last week there was an event at Kerry's apartment that will forever be known as Banana Day. A few weeks back Kerry had bought some tiny bananas at either Robert's or Rouses and they were getting to their last legs.

It was a day of Plantainos and Banana Bread.

The first attempt at the plantainos wasn't terribly successful and left us with a banana and flour mixture... so we set that aside and started over.

We ended up just frying up the little plantains in olive oil then hitting them with a little lime and salt. They were delicious and we ate them while we contemplated the banana flour mixture we had produced.

We figured banana bread used both of those components so we borrowed an extra banana from Kerry's roommate Elizabeth and went to work. The result was maybe the best banana bread I've ever had (and my mom makes some really good banana bread). The little plantains were really sweet and really made the bread good for slabs of butter.

And it all happened between classes... normally I would have just napped.


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