Thursday, April 9, 2009

Gott To Be Original

Whatever... We would have gone to Gott Gourmet today regardless...

It's right on Mag and we needed to be on Mag today for other stuff so we stopped for a quick lunch before our marketing meeting back at school. It was our first time and it sure didn't disappoint. Plus it was warm enough to eat outside and enjoy the view so it ended up being a great idea.

Kerry rarely is more happy with a decision than she was about her Shrimp BLT Wrap. The shrimp was sauteed in Tabasco butter. Now I don't know what Tabasco butter is but I'm pretty sure it was made just to saute shrimp in.

I had the Chicago Dog. A steamed poppy seed bun full of goodness, grape tomatoes, yellow mustard, relish, peppers and onions oh and a pickle I took off. Oh right I forgot the salad... tomatoes are in a salad though.

Why not some dessert from Sucre? How about a pink purse full of $2 a piece chocolates for me...

(flavors: absinthe, port, something else, and wedding cake)

And a strawberry stuffed vanilla cupcake for Kerry.

Oh and some of my hair for this baby squirrel

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