Monday, April 13, 2009

La Macarena Pupuseria & Latin Cafe

So every once in a while we eat at a place and I'm sure they aren't going to have a website. Normally I'm incorrect because it's 2009 and everyone has a website. But today I was right. La Macarena Pupuseria & Latin Cafe is websiteless but it has some real good Salvadorian food at what we thought was a fair price.

For example, here is Kerry's Pupusa lunch special, which was delicious and came with fried plantains and rice and beans and some slaw. For around $10 it was a good deal for some delicious food.

And I had this Latin Style Chicken Sandwich. It came with a salad and some Zapp's chips (which was kinda weird I guess). Not a ton of chicken on it but it was enough and it was chargrilled and good and there was some yellow sauce I can't really describe on it that I really liked. And I need to find out where they get their bread. $8.

We'll make it a short post. This place is on Hampson between Carrollton and the river and it really is worth a try. I've heard some complaints about what you get for your money at other places and maybe we just ordered well... but check it out for yourself.


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