Monday, November 16, 2009

The Boot, The Dough Bowl, Sliders, 9-0

Oh man.

Look, it's a rarity that you find me at The Boot over by Tulane's campus. BUT it was a pretty good place to watch a little football on Sunday. $4 pictures, plenty of seating, TV's (even some standard def ones!), oh yeah and a window to cheap bar food paradise.

The best thing that the Boot has going for it is its connection with the Dough Bowl. Until recently I had only partaken in their slices of pizza. Its good pizza, if you don't believe me give it a try... plus anything is better when its ordered and served from a window in a shack.

But obviously this isn't a pizza post. It's a sliders post and I'll be honest I'm ashamed its the first. I love sliders, all sorts, hell - I've even eaten a few Burger King Burger Shots in my time.

But Dough Bowl ain't no Burger King. These suckers cost me $5 - well $6.10 with cheese - but the cheese was blue and the rolls were pretzel bread and the beef was beef (to the best of my knowledge). Oh yeah and they came with fries. And ketchup packets.

Either way, they were a great accompaniment to cheep beer and undefeated football. I'll be there next Sunday for sure. You should come too. We can party it up.


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