Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cheap Lunch Series: #4 Koz's

Hey look a new web page.  Moving on -

Day four of our journey brings us to Lakeview for a poboy.  A Koz's poboy to be exact.  Koz's doesn't play around.  They sell their poboys by the loaf, and to the best of my knowledge they don't give you a t-shirt or anything if you finish it.

Now it was recommended I get the the BBQ beef poboy.  After the Joint yesterday I wasn't sure I could handle it so I want with the 8 inch Cheeseburger poboy.  They also sell a french fry poboy at Koz's but when I asked for some french fries on my cheeseburger poboy I was looked at like I should get the hell out.  Whatever though because it was delicious.  And after I took a few bite of it I took this picture.  I took it with my phone... just for old times sake.

Though I skipped the BBQ beef, my roommate had it and gave it his seal of approval.  He's going to be a doctor one day so I feel like he can be trusted.

An 8 inch poboy at Koz'swill run you $7.50 or so depending on the type.

After 4 days of stuffing myself on lunch specials I think I'm going to have to track down a salad for tomorrow's post.  If you know of good place post a comment or use the information under the nifty new Contact tab up there on the left.

Koz sounds like a killer clown.  Just saying.


Celeste said...

St. James cheese has lovely salads; you could also go for a goi ga (vietnamese chicken salad) or the seared tuna salad at Sushi Bros on St. Charles.

The Folk Singer said...

It's really too bad that you can't do the Gott Salad from Gott Gourmet with tax and tip for under $10 because it is, hands down, the best salad in town.

Justin said...

No wait that sounds awesome... I'll get it to go. Problem solved.

Anonymous said...

Cafe Cafe

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