Thursday, December 24, 2009

Eating in Places Other Than NOLA - Atlanta: Urban Flats

Forgive the pictures I forgot my camera.

For all of its dining options there is a type of restaurant that just doesn't exist in New Orleans or even Metairie for that matter.

I'm not really sure how to classify these restaurants but I'm pretty sure the following fake adjectives describe them: semi-regional, urban upscale, quasi-franchise modern, trendyish concept...

They are the types of places that only exist in upscale walking shopping centers (for those of you in Baton Rouge think Perkins Row).  There were lots of these types of places in Arlington, Virginia when I lived there and there are plenty near my parent's house in Atlanta and my sister's home in Charlotte.

They aren't really something I miss when I'm in New Orleans but they are definitely places I enjoy eating at a few times a year when I'm back for the holidays.  They always have a good service, good food, and a concept that works.  Urban Flats is one of these places in Atlanta.

Looking at the website they describe themselves as a "Modern-Urban Casual Experience."   The concept at Urban Flats is pretty simple.  Flatbeard covered with a variety of high quality toppings.  Its a pretty simple idea but it works and it really was pretty tasty.  I went with my mother a few days ago before heading to the craziness that is late December shopping the the Mall of Georgia which I think is the largest mall in the South.  I would describe the lunch as an unquestionable success.

My mom got the "Black and Blue" which was what you would expect.  Steak and bleu cheese, with peppers, roma tomatoes, and spinach, topped with mozzarella and a balsamic glaze.  Or maybe that's not what you would expect. I don't know you...  It was pretty good though and it looked like this, but less fuzzy.

And I got the "Fig and Prosciutto"  Fresh made fig jam with prosciutto and bleu cheese topped with mozzarella and chives.  Its hard to screw up the sweetness of fig and the saltiness of prosciutto together.  And they didn't get anywhere close to screwing it up.  It was great.  Here it is.

I think its the bread that really made them good.  They are crispy and fresh and stone oven baked.  The whole restaurant is a simple concept but its a good simple concept.

So like I said.  If keeping high end shopping centers out of the city means missing out on places like this, I'm okay with it.  But that doesn't mean I don't enjoy a good Modern-Urban Casual Experience a few times a year while I'm visiting family.


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