Saturday, January 2, 2010

Clover Grill

Healthy eating was a disaster... lets pretend it didn't happen.  And how are we going to do that?  By eating at a diner of course.

New Years Eve day we headed down to the quarter to see what people from Ohio look like.  We were hungry but everything place we tried was packed with mid-westerners and panhandle dwellers.  Eventually though, we came across Clover Grill.

It doesn't look like much from the outside, but Kerry liked that they were supporting the Saints with a black and gold ballon arch, and I liked that they the only thing they advertised on their windows were "Eggs",  so we went in.  Immediately we were told they were crowded and if we wanted to eat we needed to wait outside.  Okay, sure.

Clover Grill has a certain charm... a charm described as "not for homophobes"  by the Zagat review hanging wall.  But thats not the only kind of charm that Clover Grill can claim.  There are two clocks on the wall reading incorrect times.  The "City Hall" clock reads 4:50pm because "whenever you need something at City Hall they act like they are 10 min from closing" and the "Chalmette" clock which is slow because "Chalmette is behind the times".

In the 10 minutes we waited for Kerry's Burger to cook under a hubcap, the guy behind the counter told another 10 groups of people they were going to need to wait outside if they wanted to eat.  So at least we weren't the only ones.

And the food was what you would expect but just a touch better.  Like I said, Kerry had the burger.  I went with a grilled cheese on wheat with bacon and tomato.  We shared a side of fries which was more than enough for us to share.

We don't spend a ton of time in the quarter but maybe you do.  You should to to Clover Grill... unless you're from Chalmette.  And don't be put off if you are told to wait outside.  They move quick... you're probably only 15 minuets away from sinking your teeth into a hubcap burger.


Anonymous said...

Clover Grill is great! Open 24 hours. We like to go after long nights on Bourbon St.

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