Thursday, November 18, 2010

Back Like I Forgot Something

A few weeks ago at work something asked me, "What do you do when you aren't working?"
"I used to have a food blog?"

That was seriously my answer.  It's kind of amazing how fast life moves sometimes you know?

I got here in July of 2008 for school and then all the sudden I was done and looking for a job and starting a job and stopped finding the time to tell people about food that I was eating.

Either way I miss it... maybe you do to who knows?

So lets bring it back with a classic.  I'm pretty sure there has been some version of this post at least 3 times on this blog in the last 2 years. 

But to be honest its the kind of post that this blog really is about so deal with it... and i promise I have some never before seen on EatingInNOLA restaurants coming up later in the week.

So here it is.  Pizza at Kerry's place.  Honestly, no joke, might be my favorite meal.  Who doesn't love frozen pizza?  What?  Oh yeah your totally right.  That's most definitely salad too.  Caesar Salad.  Light Caesar Salad.  We keep it healthy.

The za is from Rousses.  Or I guess technically is from where ever they make California Pizza Kitchen pizza (I'm guessing probably not California).  The flavas are white, and Sacilian.

Alright so maybe you're already bored.  Maybe it's a slow start.  Maybe I still dont proofread and my writing style is rusty.  But let one thing be clear.

EIN is back.


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