Saturday, February 28, 2009

Atlanta Brewing Company Tasting (did it) and Tour (didn't do it)

We headed to Atlanta Brewing Company after CNN. It's one of two big breweries in Atlanta and they have a tasting/tour Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday nights.

Fridays they have live music. This Friday they had this crazy looking guy playing off-the-wall jams. It was good though... we drank Ales, Porters, and Blondes and they were good.

Unlike Abita (look for that post sometime next week) its not all you can drink and you get four bottle caps that you can redeem for fill-ups. Also, the pour they give you is only about 3/4 full for some legal reason I don't understand. That being said four 3/4 beers was just the right amount and we had a good time. I don't look like it in this picture but I am I promise.

And we got to keep the glasses so that was good too. We skipped the tour because we have a pretty good idea how beer is made. After that we went to dinner at...


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