Saturday, February 28, 2009

Gordon Biersch

Does Gordon Biersch count as a chain? I guess it does but it's a pretty good chain. Last time we went during the NFL playoffs we got a bunch of different appetizers and the beer sampler. If you ever get the chance to hit up GB you should do it. Get the sampler and get the home style chips. Thank me later.

Last night we just went with a few pizzas. Kerry got the fresh mozzarella and enjoyed it. It was definitely better than my pineapple pizza and there was nothing wrong with my pineapple pizza at all. Both ere good and both were sans meat and both of us forgot to take pictures of the food until after it was boxed up.  And the crust was the best part of both pizzas.

Kerry's left overs are sitting in the refrigerator downstairs right now and shes going to eat them on the drive back to NOLA tomorrow.

Mine got eaten on the trip from Atlanta back to Lawrenceville at the end of the night.


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