Monday, February 23, 2009

Lundi Gras at Crabby Jacks

After a great time at Bacchus Ball Last night (and a whole day of Popeye's that we spared you the posts about) we woke up pretty hungry on Lundi Gras.

What better place to have a Lundi Gras lunch than Crabby Jacks over on Jefferson?

Kerry had a craving for a Shrimp Po-Boy. It was full of shrimp. Like real full of shrimp. I don't want to say too many shrimp but the bread couldn't contain all of the little suckers. She said it was pretty good especially with some of the salsa from my....

Fish Tacos. They were real good and I ate them all. I'm going to have to make sure I take my dad when he comes into town. I assume tonight might be a parade food night so I'll try to remember to take a few pictures. So look for a parade food post on Mardi Gras.


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