Sunday, February 15, 2009

Second Trip to Clever

So Friday the 13th was a night of seconds for us... We also took our second trip to Clever Wines. We had been there once before for a weekly tasting they do.

Now we didn't eat anything there but we had a drink each and listened to Johnny J play some music. I realize I just referenced Johnny J like we listen to Johnny J all time time... or maybe like we have ever even heard of them (him?) before... we haven't. It was good though. We were by far the youngest people there and you could tell people were pretty jealous of our youth and good looks.

This is a picture of our drinks. Kerry had an amaretto sour. I had something called a Grandfather Clock that they invented there are Clever. I don't remember exactly what was in it but I think there was some grapefruit something, bitters, a sparkling wine of some sort and a sprig of thyme. It was good. And then we went and saw Taken at a high school hang out movie theater in Kenner and it was awesome and you should see it too.


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