Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday

I expected to be done posting today but I stumbled on this picture from last night.

Last night for the Super Bowl Kerry, Kerry and I went to a fundraiser at Whiskey Blue (in the W Hotel) that our friend Jeff had told us about.

It was a fundraiser for a community football field they are building in the 9th Ward. A percentage of all the proceeds from the drinks sold went toward the field.

They had the game on a projection television and the 3 of us had a pretty good time. The only issue was we expected there to be food and we were wrong. Dead wrong.

So by the time the game ended at 9 we were pretty hungry. We headed to St. Charles Tavern (a 24 hour restaurant/bar on St. Charles and MLK near Lee circle). In addition to some pretty good food they had The Office on.

I ordered a cheese burger and the waitress told me to get a Cajun burger so I did that and she was pretty impressed with my selection. It was good. Both Kerrys got red beans and rice. I had a bite. It was good too. We had Abita Beer with the meal.

So to recap - New Orleans fundraiser, Cajun Burger, Red Beans and Rice, and Louisiana Beer. Good Sunday night.


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