Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Pre Exam Breakfast at Blue Plate Cafe

We had an accounting exam this afternoon. Kerry also had a meeting this morning with the people that shes doing some part time marketing work with. Since we figured we had done a completely reasonable amount of studying we figured it was a good time to try out a new breakfast place we found using Urban Spoon. We went to Blue Plate Cafe in the Lower Garden District down on Prytania.

It was a cool little restaurant, not quite a greasy spoon but definitely a hole in the wall place. But it had good music and good food. Better than that the waitress wished us luck on your test and asked us if we were regulars. I think there is a good chance we will be.

Kerry had the "Breakshetta." It took me about 15 min to get the joke but it was French bread toast topped with eggs and a tomato basil relish. It came with a breakfast salad and was really good. She had some orange juice to drink with it and some coffee.

I had the Breakfast Burrito. It was served with black beans and salsa. It was pretty standard but it was good and the waitress suggested it and its kinda my thing to order what they suggest. I had chocolate milk with it. For some reason the waitress had me sutir it myself.

Blue Plate Cafe was a really good start to the day. It was also the first time Urban Spoon lived up to the hype.


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