Monday, March 2, 2009

RBR Monday and Free Sno-balls

We are a few posts behind. There is really no way around it. This is from a few days ago but we are gonna catch back up and my buddy Jordan is coming into town this week so we should have a few good ones coming up.

Monday we went to the LBC for Red Beans and Rice day. We decided to use it as a bench mark for the Red Beans and Rice meal we have coming up in the next few days. Kerry found a recipe the other day and we are itching to make our own.

Just like last time, the traditional New Orleans meal was pretty good. Even better, maybe, was that right before we sat down to dig in I found a friend. Here is a picture of us.

Afterward we walked outside right into some free sno-balls from Plum Street Snoball (another New Orleans tradition). They were giving them out for something to do with the Hullabaloo, Tulane's student newspaper. Kerry used to write for the Hullabaloo so we didn't even feel guilty about taking the sno-balls and not filling out the survey they were pushing. In case you're wondering, we got a mixture of Nectar and Cake Batter syrups on our sno-balls.

I promise there is more to come soon.


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