Monday, November 9, 2009

Buenos Aires

Alright so I think a mistake was made when we did a bunch of posts from France. So this is how this is going to go. One post, 15 pictures and short captions. I figure there is one or two of you who have been to Buenos Aires or will go sometime in the future. But I dont want to waste everyone else's time. So here it is, quick and dirty and then we wont ever discuss it again...

Here is Banchero... Pizza Place in near the hotel we stayed in the the middle of the city. It was good and you knew it would be because it was in a book. A tourism book.

Here is the pizza. Hey look unexpected green olives. So that's weird. And it came with a spoon to serve it. Alright!

After a day of walking around we came across Florida Garden (In the book!), a bar/cafe which is a common set up in Buenos Aires.

Alright here was a drink from Florida Garden. Its a Bailey's on the rocks. Why Bailey's? Because getting drinks you can get at home at South American import prices is the bomb.

So here is a place called Cumana. You can tell from the outside that the light is going to be too low for good pictures of the food right? Right!

Nonetheless, look Kerry got a tamale and an empanada. The empanadas were 3 pesos. That's like $0.80. So the devaluation of money isn't all bad.

And I had this. It was called something but I forget and I can't find it on Google. It was a casserole with pumpkin, corn, cheese and honey. It was pretty amazing. It was almost like dessert.

And and we could draw on the table cloths (always classy). I drew this. And then two hours later they did Go... and beat the Falcons.

Okay, here was an Italian place we ate at. It was called something I can't find on Google. It was great though. Homeafes pastas and baked cheeses are something I don't eat enough of.

Alright the next pictures are from a pretty good dinner at a Steakhouse in San Telmo... so real quick...

Skirt Steak

Beif de Chorizo (cut from the back of the cow).

Rib Eye

Loaded baked potato.

Rosemary Potatoes
Oh man and bread pudding. It was all pretty great.

Okay last one. Club Zarate in La Boca. La Boca is a pretty cool little 'hood. We stopped at this place for a snack.

Empanadas, Coffee, Pepsi, and a cookie. It was so good Kerry's head popped off.

Alright thats it. No more Argentina. Obviously I was too lazy took up the details about a lot of the places and there were places that were just too darn dark to take pictures. So if you have an impending trip and want any suggestions from someone with a fairly limited experience let me know. What we did do was eat in most of the neighborhoods so I have some tiny idea about a few different places.

Oh and I'm not going to proofread. HA!


Anonymous said...

The food in Argentina it's the best food everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
I know that because last year I've been living for a month at my uncle's apartment in Buenos Aires and he took me to every retaurant and bar he could...
My recommendations are: ASADO, ALFAJORES, and DULCE DE LECHE ICE-CREAM
miss them A LOT

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