Wednesday, November 25, 2009

St. James Cheese and Wine Pairing

Just for full disclosure before I write this post...

I have an issue with St. James. Don't get me wrong. They have great cheeses and great sandwiches and I even like the over priced knick-knacks that litter the place.

But one time I gave them a $20 and they gave me change for a $5 and when I went back to let them know they looked at me like I was trying to steal from them and didn't make amends.

After that I was pretty committed to never going back but their cheese and wine pairing last week peaked Kerry's interest enough that I made an exception.

Now we don't go to a lot of pairings, actually we don't ever go to pairings. But I think we appreciate good wine and good cheese as long as it doesn't taste like feet.

This event was a little of a disappointment though. It had all the right ingredients to be good with three pretty good wines and 6 cheeses and an expert in each field, but there was just a lot left to be desired. The cheeses were plated out of order that caused a lot of confusion for everyone and the explanations were a lot more preachy and uptight then I like (though let it be known I'm a super laid back dude).

I'll be honest these are probably all things I could forgive if the place hadn't stolen 15 bucks from me.

Seriously though, I think this was their first pairing in some time and maybe they are just working out the kinks. If that's the case It might be worth checking out in the future... it just wasn't there yet.

Oh and one of the cheeses did taste like feet.


Anonymous said...

When have you tasted feet?

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