Monday, December 7, 2009

The American Sector

We tried out Besh's newest offering, The American Sector a few nights ago.  Now I'm a pretty big fan of Luke so this place had a little bit of living up to do.

Now, we showed up on a Thursday night and I assume the majority of their business must be done around lunch and during the hours the WWII Museum is open.  But we were one one of only three tables in what is a pretty large space.  In all fairness it could be because everyone in their right mind has spent the last 4 days hiding from the cold indoors but either way its always a little weird having a full staff waiting on you in an empty restaurant.That being said the service was very good and you got the feeling that even if the place had been a little more hopping we sill would have gotten good service.

The food was pretty excellent as well.  The menu was what I would call upscale Americana with things like Spicy garlic glazed fried chicken with watermelon pickles and Daube of beef with roasted root vegetables and egg noodles.

Kerry had the Chicken and Dumplings which came in its own cast iron dish.  Everything was really fresh and well seasoned and filling.

I had the Short rib “Sloppy Joe” on an onion Kaiser roll.  It was a little messy but also really good.  And it came with fried onions on it which is was fine with me... I would be fine eating fried onions out of the French's can as long as no one was looking.

These were the sides.  French fried potatoes, homemade kettle chips, and jalapeno cheese grits. All really good.  The fries are similar (if not the same) as the ones you get a Luke and the grits were as tasty as I was hoping they would be.

Dessert really capped off a great meal.  We ordered the Cane-sugar and bacon iced cupcake.  Above is what we got - the advertised cupcake, another pumpkin cupcake which we were told was the seasonal selection, and a mound of vanilla ice cream.  It was all pretty amazing.

So The American Sector was a pretty big success.  There are a few other things on the menu I wouldn't mind having an opinion on so there might be a good reason to go back soon.


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