Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Theo's Neighborhood Pizza

So in doing a little research for this post I found out that there are 13 other pizza posts on this blog.  That's like ten more then I realized and made me think that maybe it was a good idea to hit the abort button on this post.

But that would be doing a pretty big disservice to both you and Theo's.  They make a superb pie and maybe my favorite in the city.  They have found a way to make a gourmet pizza that doesn't make me feel like I ate a bowl full of dough after consuming two pieces.  The crust is thin so they can load on the toppings while keeping it pretty light.  I ate all my entire half and didn't feel all too guilty or bloated about it.  And its "neighborhood pizza" so when you finish you really feel like you're part of something.

We got the Expert (olive oil, minced garlic, spinach, mozzarella, fresh tomatoes, purple onion and crumbled bacon) except we got it with artichoke hearts instead of purple onions because purple onions are a really dumb thing to put on a pizza. 

Theo's offers a selection of salads, sides, and sandwiches as well but trust me- skip those things and just cram as much of the pizza into your stomach as you can.  Wasting space on those other things would be like going to Disney World and deciding that Epcot was the place to spend your time.


Leslie @ NOLA-Eats.com said...

Pizza is not my favorite, but THAT looks like a pie I wouldn't mind sharing. Good choice on the artichoke.

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