Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cheap Lunch Series: #2 Sarita's Grill

So, on day two of my quest for cheap lunches in New Orleans I headed to Sarita's grill at the suggestion of an anonymous commenter... making this the spookiest post in Eating In NOLA's history.

Sarita's bills itself as "Latin Fusion."  Alright I'll buy that.  I'm gonna bill it as a La Macarena with better prices and more options.

It's a pretty neat little spot.  The inside is bright and full of New Orleans art which is never a bad idea.  Actually there is an weird amount of paintings of sno-balls but hey whatever.  Most important is that the food is cheap and pretty good too.

I sat down and the server came over and walked through the whole menu and brought me some cheese dip and chips.

Who doesn't like cheese dip?  This cheese dip was the bright orange kind that is probably far from authentic, but only snobs wouldn't admit is delicious.  It was a pretty extensive menu so being walked through the menu was nice.

I went with three tacos.

Now I figured tacos where the way to go because I could try a few different meats (pork, chicken, and rib eye).  Ms. Lorin Gaudin tells me a mistake by skipping the flautas and maybe shes right but the tacos weren't too shabby.  After the orange cheese dip I figured I might as well get cheese and sour cream on the tacos (except for the pork where I went with the recommended tomatoes and onions). 

So authentic?  No, probably not.  At least not the cheese dip and tacos.  But it was definitely good and the menu is big enough for everyone to find something they like.  Oh and it was super cheap.  Under $6 before tip (though I did get a 20% discount for being a student).

I recommend it though.  Like I said its a better/cheaper La Macarena in my opinion.  Try it out and let me know what you think.


Anonymous said...

I've never been to Sarita's, but I would be hard-pressed to find a restaurant in the same vein as La Macarena that I liked more. Every single one of my taste buds sings a hallelujah chorus at the memory of their sublimely tart ceviche.

Justin said...

Haha, I know everyone loves La Macarena and its not that I don't think its good but I always feel like I'm paying a lot for a little. Though in all fairness I have never tried the ceviche.

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