Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Cochon at Crescent City Farmers Market

A few weeks ago someone from Market Umbrella (the group that runs the Crescent City Farmers Market) came and spoke as part of a panel at Tulane. It was an interesting panel that discussed the importance of the availability of fresh organic foods to all socio-economic groups. It was interesting and informative and just inspiring enough to make me feel guilty for having skipped it the last... 20 weeks or so.

So when Kerry wanted to go this morning I tagged along even though its pouring rain and about 50 degrees outside. I'm actually still soaking wet while I write this post. I picked up a few things for dinner tonight but the best thing I picked up was this roasted pork and cucumber sandwich that was the Green Plate Special from Cochon.

Man was it good. So good I didn't mind standing in the rain to eat it. I had never really has the pork/cucumber combination before and I was a pretty big fan. Plus you got to appreciate the guys being out there in this weather. Though I'm not proud of it lots of time its the Green Light Special that gets me out to the market before the fresh produce and meats. So its good to see Cochon making the commitment in miserable weather.


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