Monday, November 30, 2009

Between the Bread

There are very few things I miss about living in D.C. But one thing that I miss is having about 10 good delis within 4 blocks of work.

Now New Orleans has some great placed to get a sandwich. You have Cochon, St. James, Stein's, and the list goes on. But I haven't known of a ton of places to get a good club sandwich. Oh but did I find one.

Between the Bread is pretty great and it has a decent sized selection of sandwiches. Look how much thought this guy was putting into his choice.

Like I said I got the club. It was a classic triple decker with three meats and two cheeses and I looked like an idiot trying to take a bite out of it but I looked like a satisfied idiot.

And it was a pretty cool little cafe. I went in expecting to get it to go, but instead I sat up on the balcony on a couch and read New Orleans society magazines while I chowed down on this mammoth sandwich. I don't spend a lot of time in the working man's section of the CBD but I assume one day I will have to. Its good to know I won't have to go hungry.


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