Saturday, December 12, 2009

One Restaurant and Lounge

** This is be the last post that makes use of my trusty iPhone camera.  It didn't always take the best pictures or the clearest pictures, but I like to think it really gave this blog the gritty, tough, hardcore persona you have all come to love.  That being said moving forward all pictures on this blog will actually look like food.

We went to One Restaurant yesterday.  Kerry had been a few times before but it was my first time.  I wasn't disappointed.

It's nice having a few nice places in the River Bend neighborhood.  One is a pretty good lunch spot.  Prices are fairly reasonable and not at the expense of quality or portions.

Kerry started with the char-grilled oysters with Roquefort and red wine vinaigrette.  I'm not really into oysters (gasp) but I am into Roquefort and they were great.

I had the tomatoes three ways to start.  The three ways were marinated, raw and stewed.  All were good.  The marinate was a balsamic one which was pretty good.  I think my favorite was the raw though.  Cant beat a little salt and pepper on some raw tomatoes.

Kerry had the BBQ shrimp and grits.  Again, it was just really well prepared.  The BBQ had what tasted like a ginger soy base which was surprising but worked really well with the grits.

And I had the pulled pork sandwich because I love pulled pork.  It wasn't bad.  It wasn't quite what I expected.  I was expecting bbq even though there was nothing on the menu that indicated that would be the case.  Also it came on forcaccia which I think might have been a little better had it been grilled up.  All of that aside the pork was really tasty and it came with a mound of shoestring fries which is always going to win me over.  No joke, if me and you got into a shoestring french fry eating contest I'd probably eat a million and chances are you would eat like 3 or 4.

We got dessert too and we got it to go.  Deserts to go always look terrible but look at this.  This is how it looked when I opened it after just kind tossing it around in my car and throwing it on the table.  Not too shabby.  It was a flourless chocolate cake and thats what it tasted like.  It was good and a good way to finish off a solid lunch.


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